So, I saw this on my dash today. All I can say is that I’ve seen so much negativity towards the new Disney Princesses’ 2013 redesigns, and it’s really starting to irk me. Like let me get this straight; People don’t like the fact that the princesses are changing their clothes? We change our clothes everyday! (at least I am hoping you all do…) And the artists didn’t want to depict the princesses from when their movies were made (their time period), they wanted to depict them how they would look NOW. That’s what people are missing here. They’re modernizing them. We’ve changed since they first came out so why can’t they change with us?

Also, I personally like the fact that they’re getting different outfits.

Ariel looks so much better in this green dress than the pink one (my personal opinion). She doesn’t clash with Aurora anymore (as they both had a pink dress) and she seems more aquatic (lack of better words) in this dress. Especially with her nautical jewelry. Her hair is perfect. I love the waviness. A new design was long over due for these girls.

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    Agreed. Though they could have done better with Mulan and Pocahontas. And they need to create a new 2D version of...
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  18. gold--dust--woman said: because they’re cartoons, after this many years of these same outfits people don’t want to see them change. Cartoons usually don’t ever change they’re outfits no matter how long they’re around (ie. Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc.)
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